Affiliated Cycle Clubs

Read about the various cycle clubs that are affiliated with the National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs.


These are the NAVCC’s current Affiliated Cycle Clubs (in alphabetical order). If you belong to a similar organisation, please get in touch.

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Founder: Mr Ned Passey

Benson Veteran Cycle Club (BVCC), was founded by Mr Ned Passey, of Benson Oxfordshire in 1960 when the first Official Club Ride took place. This inaugural ride has continued to the present day and has become known nationally and overseas as The Benson Rally.

As with many events the Covid Pandemic interrupted the annual rally for 2020 and 2021 so the 60 th Anniversary Rally was delayed until this year 2022. Rallies are traditionally held at the Benson Parish Hall on the Sunny Side Green on the 1 st Sunday of July every year. All of the rallies are well attended with any number of riders in the 150 -200 range, this makes it one of the biggest rallies in the UK.

The main stated aim of the Benson Club is “to preserve veteran cycles and to take them to the public as opposed to the bikes being left in a museum”. This is still carried out at the varied events attended by the BVCC and other Veteran Clubs throughout the UK.

There are many enthusiastic collectors of veteran bicycles in the local Oxfordshire area and many more UK wide, collections often consist of many more bicycling items than the actual bikes with collections of vintage clothing and vintage cycle lamps to name but two.

The riders on the Poppy Appeal Launch Ride today are displaying a number of bicycles of different types and ages which are a small subset of the many varied types and models in the UK and beyond.


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Founder: Mr. Eric Page

Boston Veteran Bicycle Club was founded by Mr. Eric Page in 1964 when a group 12 people had a meeting in Tony`s Cafe, Wide Bargate in Boston, when Eric Page was elected President, a post he held for 21 years, with an Annual Subscription of 2 shillings or 10p in new money.

Club member Mr. John Almond put himself and the club in the news by winning the National One Mile championships for Ordinaries in 1971, 1973 and 1974, with another member Mr. Joe Vaughan winning in 1972 and 1975.

The aim of the club is to cater for anyone interested in the preservation of old cycles and restoring and riding them at Rallies and Shows. The club holds monthly meetings in Boston and caters for a wide range of cycles from 1860s Boneshakers and Penny Farthings through to Classics of the 1970s and Childs cycles.

Annual Subscriptions are £6.00 for Adults, Children under16 free – paid in January with regular news letters.


Founder: Auty Brothers

The club was founded in the spring of 1967 by the Auty brothers, from the Wakefield area, to keep alive the wonderful years of the early pioneers and inventors of the bicycle. Machines such as ‘ordinaries’ (Penny Farthings), solid tyred cycles and tricycles were acquired along with machines from the earlier part of the 20th century.

Although the name Bygone Bykes (Yorkshire) Club was adopted the membership soon spread to other areas and now stands at over one hundred and fifty with several members in Europe. The aims of the club are not only to preserve, renovate and display the machines but most of all to ride them.

Members have an interest in modern and ‘Classic’ machine as well as the earlier Vintage and Veteran models.


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Founder: Colin and Margaret Bedford

The club was formed in spring 1983 by Colin and Margaret Bedford, who had had an interest in cycling for many years. The club quickly went from strength to strength with many families joining. Members travelled many miles attending events including those held in Europe. We had a large selection of cycles spanning many years from Bone Shakers, Penny Farthings and Tricycles to name just a few with riders all dressed in the appropriate costumes.

The Club was privileged to host the 30th, 40, ad 50th anniversary of the National Association. The 50th was certainly a celebration, with members from different clubs travelling many miles to participate. Members enjoyed a weekend full of events including cycle rides on Saturday and Sunday, a barbeque, vintage bus tours, a dinner/dance and more. A very full weekend for the committee to arrange, but a pleasure to see so many people come together with the same interest.

Our club is now much less active due to various different reasons: far fewer events, unfortunately ageing membership, lack of interest from the younger generation and ill health. These have all contributed to a much less active club than it has previously been in the past. Many friendships have been made over the years and are still enjoyed today thanks to being members of this National Club.


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Formed in October 1953 the PVCC is currently the UK’s oldest Veteran/Vintage Cycle club. In 1958, the PVCC hosted the 2nd UK NAVCC Rally at which 93 entries were listed. Half of the entrants rode machines manufactured before 1890, the ‘newest/latest’ machine entered and ridden was a 1910 BSA.

The President of the NAVCC at the time, J.H.Brandon, stated in the programme introduction that “These old machines cannot be replaced. Ensuring that they are preserved for posterity is a pleasurable task willingly attempted by all in the NAVCC”

PVCC Members regularly participate in the other UK clubs open events including the International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA) Annual Rally which is held each year in a different country around the world. In 1994 the PVCC hosted the IVCA Annual Rally.

The Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club was proud to be the oldest club of its type in existence until October 2023 when, with decreasing numbers, the committee decided the Club should retire gracefully and closed following a Celebration Lunch at the Bluebell Inn, Werrington, Peterborough. Active members of the PVCC will join or already be members of other clubs and look forward to supporting the Veteran Cycle movement for many years to come.


Founders: Bob Pound, Rod Safe, Bill Cornwall, Allan Maurer

The SVB&TC – Solent Veteran Bicycle and Tricycle Club or Solent, was formed in August 1987 by Bob Pound as Club Captain, Rod Safe as Secretary and News Letter, Bill Cornwall and Allan Maurer with Bob Pound’s wife as Treasure.

The club is intended primarily for locals on the south coast with and interest in early bicycles and their history. The aim of the club is to encourage the restoration and use of Veteran and Classic cycles. Along with the Veteran and Classic cycles, some members have chosen to add Retro cycles into their collections in later years. However, the club’s main focus remains predominately Veteran, with most events the club is invited to requiring this age of cycle.

Along side the promotional events for the club and the history of cycling, the SVBTC also organises regular fun social rides at various locations; where it is encouraged to ride the oldest bike that your body dares you to ride.

Since its foundation on the South Coast, the club now boasts members across the UK and hosts some of the best events on the Veteran cycling calendar. This is mainly thanks to Alan Webber and his late wife Dorcas Webber, who were secretary and treasurer after Rod Safe and then the second treasurer, the late Lorna Weston stepping down. Also credit to the committee of those years Steve Downham Club Capitan, Allan Maurer (still current), the late Mike Edwards who run the website until he was in his 80’s, Rex Moorey, Tony Dymott, Graeme and Val Gill (Still current).

Current Committee
Graeme Gill – Club Captain, Mike Gray – Hon. Secretary, Alan Webber – Treasurer, Allan Maurer, Val Gill, Ian Bromley, Michael and Yildiz Williams. Credit to Dave Gray for monthly News Sheet and James Parry from Force Nine for website and IT support to the SVB&TC as well as the NAVCC.


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Founder: {Awaiting Details}

This club organised the IVCA 2019 Burton Constable Rally in North Yorkshire and is an Affiliated Club of the NAVCC. It currently has no website, but you can contact them through the NAVCC Contact Form.

They are hoping to run their postponed Rover Riding Weekend on 24-26th September 2021 and do not mind anyone who is interested in being involved (pandemic permitting) to register their interest with Elsie Huntington.