Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club

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Formed in October 1953 the PVCC is currently the UK’s oldest Veteran/Vintage Cycle club.

In 1958, the PVCC hosted the 2nd UK NAVCC Rally at which 93 entries were listed. Half of the entrants rode machines manufactured before 1890, the ‘newest/latest’ machine entered and ridden was a 1910 BSA.

The President of the NAVCC at the time, J.H.Brandon, stated in the programme introduction that “These old machines cannot be replaced. Ensuring that they are preserved for posterity is a pleasurable task willingly attempted by all in the NAVCC”

PVCC Members regularly participate in the other UK clubs open events including the International Veteran Cycle Association (IVCA) Annual Rally which is held each year in a different country around the world. In 1994 the PVCC hosted the IVCA Annual Rally.

The Peterborough VCC is truly proud to be the oldest club of its type still in existence and looks forward to supporting the Veteran Cycle movement for many years to come.

10 All Saints Close Asfordby Melton Mowbray Leics. LE14 3TF. Tel: 01664 813151

Annual subscriptions become due on January 1st each year

Adult: £ 5.00 Additional adult at same address £3.00

Under 16’s at same address: £0

We encourage the use of email for our club correspondence as this keeps the running costs down, enabling us to keep subscriptions at a low level.

Recent years have seen the club put on many displays and participate in rides for charities. We attend events from the small garden fete to massive steam rallies, but our own enjoyment comes when we can take the cycles for a gentle spin in the countryside. We encourage the wearing of appropriate period costume, which gives the spectator an overall picture of how the cycle and cyclist would have looked around the date that the cycle was manufactured. Our aim is to provide a mobile history of the bicycle, by renovating, restoring and riding machines that were manufactured more than 50 years ago, although some younger ones, with special features can sometimes be seen at our displays. We regularly exhibit examples of the Boneshakers of the early 1860’s, Penny Farthings of the 1870’s & 80’s, and a range of cycles which follow the developments of gearing, pneumatic tyres, and the use of lightweight materials. Our own rally is held during June each year at various venues. We also run a few social rides over the year often followed by a meal. Our club is affiliated to the NAVCC, and to the IVCA. Both hold an annual rally in a different area or country each year.

Peterborough hosted the 2022 NAVCC Annual Rally at Ramsey Rural Museum