Extract from the “Signpost” Magazine, June 1951

Extract from the Editorial of the Peterborough Cycling Club’s “Signpost” magazine

Dated June 1951

The Peterborough Cycling Club will be well represented at the Festival of Cycling, to be held later this month in Birmingham. Cyril Mundy is taking a Party of “potterers” on old time cycles, which I personally think is very heroic over all that distance, while other members of the “Potterers” and a party from the main body will no doubt put our club well into the limelight! There are further details in this issue for those who are interested. 

Item from main body of the same magazine.


On June 23rd & 24th 1951 the Festival of Cycling at Erdington Birmingham will be taking place. This is being run in conjunction with the Odeon and Gaumont Cinemas and publicity will be given to all cycling clubs of Peterborough at the local Odeon Theatres for the previous two weeks. There will be an exhibition of Cyril Mundy’s old cycles which he proposes to take to Birmingham with him and of course there will be photographs of all cycling clubs and events to do with cycling. There will be a message from the Odeon Theatre to be taken from Peterborough to Birmingham and this honour may fall to Cyril Mundy being a member of the oldest active cycling club in England and as he is riding to Birmingham on the old “Penny” Cyril’s party is leaving at approximately 2am on the Friday morning as he is anticipating it will take him 16-18 hours riding time. There are five leaving on the Penny, Ultra 1878, Whippett 1884, Whippett Spring Frame 1888 and the Dursley Pedersen 1898. Good Luck Cyril. Another party of Potterers will be leaving sometime Friday evening while members of the party organised by B.Simons will be leaving at 4am from the Market Place on the Saturday Morning. BE ON TIME! to those concerned please. There is accommodation at local Odeon Theatres for anybody stranded without digs, but any further information can be obtained from Cyril Mundy or any member of the Committee, Have a Good Weekend Everybody.

During this ride mention was made for the first time of forming a club for the enthusiasts of the old cycles, which took a nearly two years to materialise, and thus on 20th October 1953 the Peterborough Vintage Cycle Club was formed.